The days of pot brownies, maryjane lollipops, and good old fashioned bud are transforming the mainstream. Gourmet Ganja, a colorado restaurant that serves pot-laced cuisine is only the first of its kind. Check out what’s hitting the streets.

Marijuana Soda

A Colorado soft-drink manufacturer called Dixie Elixirs is preparing a line of marijuana-laced sodas for a medical-marijuana market that now includes 14 states. The beverages come in 12-ounce recyclable bottles and are available in seven flavors: lemonade, sweet tea, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, grape, and root beer. What? No cola? But those of you who really like getting whacked will prefer the extra-strength watermelon and spearmint, which come in single-ounce bottles, just about the size of a Jell-O shot.

All sodas are made with the finest Colorado-grown bud, and the website encourages you to pair a soda with another form of pot. The website also suggests that the carbonation in the sodas will speed your THC absorption

We all Scream for POT ICE CREAM!

Mile High Ice Cream makes the finest medical marijuana ice cream in Colorado. A pot dispensary near Santa Cruz California is offering for medical reasons only, of course ;) marijuana-infused ice cream. Apparently, the customers think it’s totally dope.

Everybody who’s tried it has said they absolutely love it. A lot of people come back for seconds, thirds and fourth,” said Jonathan Kolodinski.

Some of the flavors offered include Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and triple Chocolate Brownie. Finishing off a pint of this stuff is about equal to smoking eight joints, the owner says. It’ll set you back $15 a pint, and only card-carrying marijuana patients can buy it.  Before you know it, pot ice cream will be the norm.