What Channel Are You On?

We are witnessing people, businesses, relationships and entire economies seeming to crumble and fall under the various pressures placed upon them. The pressure has a purpose and it is to show us that the current path isn’t working, asking us to look for another way that is more in alignment with our purpose on Earth at this special time. (Yes, you have a purpose, imagine that!) We often fight the pressure, resisting all the signals around us, believing that if we just try harder things will somehow work out. Another option is to release yourself from whatever situation is fighting you, allowing the pressure to give you the signal that something is off, that the universe is not flowing in that area with you at this time. I am asked to share a message for those unsure about releasing themselves from the pressure and limitations presently on your journey, providing yourself the growth and joy you have been seeking.

“Many, many beings on Earth are desperately trying to maintain their third dimensional reality, despite the fact that they are unhappy with the high pressure moments, the judgment, the feelings of having no control and the sensation that each day is a challenge they have to get through. This is an unhappy way to be. You can make a different choice. The Universe is offering what some call a 5th dimensional experience to those willing to receive it. Let me provide some brief details that describe a third dimensional reality and then a fifth dimensional reality.

Third dimensional constructs have winners and losers, those in control and those not in control, those who have information and those who don’t, those who manipulate and those who are manipulated. This third dimensional reality is endured by those beautiful beings who haven’t yet remembered that it is their thoughts that put them in that consciousness. Self-limiting, negative thought forms magnetize you to this third dimensional hell (and I’m not overstating it). The wonderful news (the real “good news”) is that these limiting constructs melt away in a higher dimensional reality (a higher mind perception and awareness). A being who has decided to release these lower thought forms automatically grows up into a higher, fifth dimensional way of being.

In the fifth dimensional consciousness, we are free. We begin to notice where the joy can be found and we choose to go to it, consciously bringing the joy into our thoughts and, our energy and our lives.

We are aware of the flow in our lives and we adjust accordingly, knowing that the synchronicities on our path are there to assist us.

The bad news on the television, or shared by friends, family, newspapers, magazines, movies is still there, but we realize we have no obligation to pay attention to it. We understand we are not obligated to sit and listen to another’s version of reality that is so fear-based and negative, which would put us back at the lower third dimensional thought forms we have outgrown. We realize how disempowered we feel from these types of interactions and we recognize the choice we have to replace it with something else, something that better matches our vibration. We discover other ways to feel informed and other topics to discuss with others.

All of these interactions with our world are like a radio dial, each with their own frequency, their own channel. At the fifth dimensional consciousness we have moved beyond fear – it served no purpose, led to no meaningful response and it kept us from living the life we wanted. Some of us have been caught in the trap of fear for many, many journeys. Fear is 100% thought forms. Change your thoughts and you change your consciousness, your way of being, and everything in your awareness also changes. Just by changing your thoughts! To stay with the analogy of the radio dial, we change our channel.

We find other ways to stay connected with our communities that are positive and supportive. The red lights are still present on our way to work but we don’t allow a traffic light to rob us of our joy in that moment. The spilled milk and bad hair days still occur but we handle them with grace and ease. A young child in our presence may still be playing that annoying kazoo but we decide to join in their merry band, maybe with some Kleenex stuffed into our ears to help us enjoy the fun.

In the fifth dimension and above there is controlling with, not controlling over. There are no lies, therefore there is no manipulation. There are no secrets, hence there is no misinformation. Only win-win outcomes qualify as final decisions. There is no competition, hence we reside with cooperation and peace and honoring of each other. Sorry, sports fans, but I trust you’ll come up with something even better to entertain, with less bruising (of egos and flesh).

Earth herself, our beautiful Gaia, is transitioning into the fifth dimension, and some of us feel she is already well within it. This is part of the Ascension process. Gaia making her transition makes it easier for us here to also transition, by starting with our own thoughts. It takes some practice, but the rewards are well worth it. The life you want is waiting for you, on another channel. You won’t miss your old channel; you realize it doesn’t hold the loving energy you desire. Fear is the opposite of love, friends. When you change your channel to a loving vibration you are moving towards the unique aspect of God that is within you. That is where your pot of gold resides – your inner Divine light.

Please ask your higher self, your guides and angels to assist you when you are ready for this shift. Also, many spiritual intuitives/psychics around the world can assist you, for many of them are also operating beautifully in the fifth dimension already, some of them even higher. These are wonderful teachers, mostly by their doing. You can identify them by their light, by their joy and by their example of living in the fifth dimensional properties we briefly highlighted herein.

Enjoy and please remember this connection with Source is offered to you at all times, because you hold a glorious aspect of Source within you!”

Love and blessings,
Jill Renee

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