Today “going green” has become more than just a catch phrase it’s a lifestyle, a commitment and one way that we as individuals can make a difference in the world. Not only are we helping the environment but our overall health as well. When it comes to meeting our daily requirements for fruits and vegetables, many of us are faced with a dilemma. Organic produce has been proven to be the most responsible choice but its limited availability in some supermarkets and steeper prices make it slightly less appealing. Fortunately, growing your own produce is the least expensive option of them all and it’s something that everyone can do.
While it’s obviously easier to cultivate a garden if you have a backyard, with a few potted plants and a sunny window you can also have great success growing your own produce and herbs indoors.
Are you still not sure why you would want to take the time to grow your own veggies? Here are three reasons that doing your part to go green in the garden is well worth the effort.
1. Fresh Produce Means Greater Nutritional Value
If you have ever had the opportunity to compare produce from your local farmer’s market to the selection in your grocery store, the difference is easy to taste. Most of the produce you find commercially has been harvested days or even a week or more before it hits your shopping cart. Vegetables are at their most nutritious when they are straight from the garden and the longer they are in a store, the more nutrients they lose each day. Growing your own produce will allow you to get the most out of your meal or snack. If you plan on storing any of your own produce make sure to use an airtight bag since this will lower oxygen exposure and lock nutrients in for a longer period of time. Cooking, juicing or freezing will begin leaching nutrients almost immediately.
2. Save Money
Nothing is worse than walking away with bags and bags of groceries and then watching over the next few days as your produce begins to brown or mold in the fridge before you even get the chance to eat it. For this reason, simply being able to pick your own produce from your garden helps eliminate waste. Another basic money saving benefit is that once you buy seeds and soil your expenses are covered. This cuts down on your monthly food budget and you won’t have to face the aggravation of watching expensive produce go bad.
3. It’s Healthier to Eat Organic Produce
When you buy regular produce, you are really at the mercy of those who grew it. The chemicals, handling process and the soil which the vegetables have been grown in are completely unknown to you. By comparison, fresh organic produce retains 50% more nutritional value than regular produce and allows you to take control of what you put in your body. In addition, When you grow your own produce you know exactly what it has been exposed to and the soil from which it grew. These are huge health benefits and when you know that you are doing something beneficial for you and your family there is a certain satisfaction that will make the whole project even more worthwhile.

Emily Murray is a contributing writer for KwikMed, the company recently appointed the exclusive online distributor of the newest morning after pill called ella. She is also a vegetarian and loves growing her own produce.

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