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How to Start a Relationship in College


1. Meet and drunkenly exchange numbers


2. Get drunk the next night, sext each other to meet up


3. Awkwardly wake up together the next morning


4. Repeat steps 2, 3 for three weekends


5. Pregame together- the official first date in the #CTL


6. Morning hookup


7. Want to go to formal with me?


8. Have the drunken “I really like you” talk


9. Pretend neither of you remember in the morning


10. Repeat step 8 the next night


11. Finally go on the first real date


12. Sober hook-up


13. Realization that this is the love of your life…stay together.


14. Realization that this is college and that means “ON TO THE NEXT ONE”


15. 95% of college relationships choose option 14