The Dreamer

Sometimes I speak,
And forget what I say,
But not in a bad Alzheimer’s way,
More in a mystical trance,
As my mind does a prance,
I’m a Dreamer.

A stranger walked up to me
And asked me what I be,
I said I’m a Dreamer.

The stranger wondered what I did,
And I told them,
I not kid,
I built a bridge,
From my mind,
Into this time,
That two worlds could combine,
The spirit and physical,
At once could be,
In unanimous synchronicity.
I exist seamlessly,
Between this world and the other,
Effortlessly filled with love,
All I can do is smile.
I’m in love with the Universe,
And at Peace with myself,
Words can nay explain me,
Like a fence containing nature,
It’s a pipe dream,
Thoughts and feelings came before thee,
Love is the eternal truth before we.

Do you think that’s air your really breathing?

It so much more to the feeling,
Ecstasy and love flow from you,
They are your paper and your glue,
So arts and crafts like a kid,
Create a world I not kid,
You are the endowed creator,
From joy and love you came,
So Sense your energy slow,
It is but a go.

You know they took it all away from me,
And yet they took nothing,
For I have the world,
I nay need acquire anything,
I even gave it all away,
For it’s not mine to keep,
All I need is love,
And Love is to know the great beyond,
It is to become the within,
Without you.

If I were more elevated,
They’d call me a balloon,
Because before you’d know it,
I’d be standing on the moon,
Floating upon,
That which cannont be seen,
I lunged down into,
The infinite loving dream,
Where I broke right though,
Into a clear perfect stream,
Of consciousness.

Flying in the sky,
Basking on the clouds,
Staring at the stars,
And laughing out loud,
I live the good life.

The whole world steps aside For the one who knows where he is going.
And I know where I am going.
It was here I realized,
The future belongs to those,
Who believe in the beauty of their dreams,
So when the winds of change are blowing,
Act like a leaf.

I’m overwhelmed by our transformation,
The power is now,
In all creation,
My hands are to the sky,
In wondrous vibration,
And contemplation.
And Persistence.
Take these with you,
As you walk out the door,
And the world will reveal,
Its incredible décor.
Believing is seeing,
When there is nothing to be seen,
Serving truth to my eternal being.
The secrets of the beloved,
Hidden everywhere,
All one must do,
Is be aware,
Lift the veil and see,
Heaven is all around we.
Too many worship false idols.
But think they see so clearly,
They do not see,
That plastic sheen is fake,
Credit is but a monumental mistake,
Interest a dictator without a face,
God has become money,
Well I’m here to say God is broke,
He’s had enough of the games,
As the Indians would say,
Only after the last tree has been cut down,
River poisoned,
And Fish caught,
That money cannot be eaten,
But that will not sweeten,
Their Sweet tooth.

Inside you lies a well so deep,
That a stone may never reach bottom,
Within the hollow,
Find your follow,
The Voice you need is there,
Trust it,
There are times I wish,
I could live with my eyes closed,
For then they would truly be open.
I know I am infinity,
Take my hand,
And walk with me,
Rise above the stars,
And you will persee,
The never beginning,
And never ending road of infinity.

What comes and goes nobody knows,
The time to shine rises and sets,
With the tide and epithets,
So smile more,
Imagine great things,
Make epic memories,
For friends will last,
Looks will fade,
And Time will fly,
For one thing is certain:
You can Change the world,
Because Everything is Possible.

In the echoes of a shell,
A wave comes crashing down,
Before you can ride the sea,
You must learn,
The Best Teachers,
Only help you to look in the mirror,
Your guide lies internally,
One must listen to begin,
God loves us all,
In whatever way we love ourselves.

Hey You,
Get Excited,
To the point you just can’t hide it,
Life is fun,
I hate to break it,
But that frown might not make it,
Inside this jar,
You will find,
A new world for Mankind;
Fill it with dreams of yours and mines,
We’ll shake it up and out will pour a world where I can be proud to raise my kids,
I want a world where love comes first and wisdom a close second,
I want a  world where the greater good of humanity matters more than profits,
I want a world that shares ideas, instead of fighting to own them,
I want a free world because we are one family,
We are one tribe,

We are Humanity.

And Me?


Now that’s what should be on a t-shirt,
Because everything matters,
Because everything is matter,
And I… am Matt over Matter,
Because I have seen the light.

Question everything.
Reading is fun-da-mental
You are invincible and can create your own world.
Mistakes are good so long as the don’t kill you.


Why do you hide in a cave when your light can illuminate the world
Why You are afraid own your power?
Why are you afraid to be beautiful?

You are a child of god.
Your playing small does not serve the world At All.
But it is ok. Stand with me.


I am A Dreamer

So Au revoir, Konichiwa, and Namaste.
Thank you.