The media dicks around all day talking about how the world is constantly crashing around us. Everyone is in poverty…blah…blah…blah. On many levels, there is much truth. There is suffering. There is poverty. Food prices are increasing. These are injustices. But the only way to solve a problem is to take action. God gave you the power, use it.

look at those beautiful solar panels

A German village is taking action and embracing the future. Not only has the nation announced plans to shut down all of its nuclear power plants and started the construction of 2,800 miles of transmission lines for its new renewable energy initiative, but now the village of Wildpoldsried is producing 321% more energy than it needs! The small agricultural village in the state of Bavaria is generating an impressive $5.7 million in annual revenue from renewable energy.

Over the years the village’s green goals have been so successful that they have even crafted a mission statement — WIR–2020, Wildpoldsried Innovativ Richtungsweisend (Wildpoldsried Innovative Leadership). The village council hopes that it will inspire citizens to do their part for the environment and create green jobs and businesses for the local area

Why are we not doing this in AMERICA?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!?

I believe ignorance and corruption are partly to blame. But we the people must be smarter. We must find ethical candidates. We must make our voice be heard. When we do that, we change the world.

courtesy of inhabitat